• Basic and Advanced courses for all ages
  • IKO and CSEN Instructor Training Center
  • Kite Rental 2020/2021
  • North kiteboarding Test Center
  • Kite lessons with bbtalkin' Radios
  • Kite Again for your safety
  • Air Compressor and Water to rinse your stuff
  • North kiteboarding equipment 2020/2021
  • Storage opened all year round
  • Hot shower  and changing rooms
  • Bar and Restaurant adjacent to the Kite Center
  • Free Wifi Zone

International Kiteboarding Organization

IKO was founded in 2001 and has its headquarters in Cabarete, Dominican Republic and is represented in 38 countries around the world! It is the largest kitesurfing organization in the world and specializes in educational programs, promoting kitesurfing safety practices and improving industry standards. IKO's goal is to achieve excellence in the learning experience of its students by finding the perfect balance between fun and safety for all its members.

IKO develops and improves kitesurfing education, certification methods and standards on an annual basis. The courses are designed for all levels of kiters, from beginners to advanced. Professional training is constantly developed and improved by Assistant Instructor, Instructor, Assistant Trainer, Examiner and Training Master. The latest certifications added are those of Coach and Coach Trainer. IKO gathers and grants affiliation to kitesurfing schools who wish to commit to safety standards and procedures for the development of the sport and training of the highest quality kiters.

IKO also provides a platform on which kiters can leave their feedback on IKO Centers and Instructors. This feedback provides the public with IKO Schools and Instructors rankings, on the basis of which users can make their own choices. The rankings influence and also ensure quality control.

For more information, see the final section of this manual or visit www.ikointl.com.

Centro Sportivo Nazionale Educativo 

C.S.E.N. is a Sports Promotion Body recognized by CONI and by the CIP, National Body with welfare purposes recognized by the Ministry of the Interior, National Social Promotion Body, Body accredited by MIUR for the training of school staff, Sports Promotion Body adhering to SnaQ , Member of the National Forum of the Third Sector, Entity compliant with the ISO 9001: 2008 standard and Entity with legal personality.


  • It pursues a promotional and sports propaganda purpose of high social value;

  • Contributes to the development of sports practice and to the achievement of the goal of a sport for all and for all;

  • It creates the conditions for a wider development of physical education, sport and health;

  • Collaborate with the C.O.N.I. and the Sports Federations, with the School, with the Regions and Local Authorities, with the social and political forces and with the free associations of other countries;

  • Stimulates the growth of Sports Associations and Societies;

  • It operates throughout the national territory without profit.